Guided Path Counseling and Family Services provide a 4 hours group parenting course. This course is designed to help clients meet the requirements of CPS, Probation or other court stipulated parenting requirements. While our traditional client comes from the listed sources, any parent may enroll. As with all educational programs, the benefits of parenting classes are many and varied. Parents are not the only beneficiaries, as improved parenting skills have a lasting impact on the children they are raising. Divorced and married parents alike reap such benefits of parenting classes as:

  • Learning about basic child development so they know what to expect at each stage in a child’s life
  • Learning age-appropriate discipline, and how it is more effective than anger-driven punishment
  • Learning to recognize their strengths as parents, and how to put those strengths to good use
  • Learning how to work together as parents to raise their children, even if they are no longer in a relationship
  • Learning how to deal with major problems that may arise
  • Learning how to deal with a blended family

Cost $120- 6 hours

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